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We produce topnotch work because we are dedicated to making sure each and every assignment stands above the rest.

Keeping on top of projects and making sure all parts reach the finish line at the same time is one thing we do best.


We have extensive knowledge interpreting and deciphering scope of work and analyzing utility routes. SPD Permitting serves as principal coordinator and liaison between client(s) and government officials during the entire permitting phase of the project.


We contact OUPS for every project we handle. All plans for all utilities are obtained prior to drafting. Please Note: Ohio law requires that anyone digging contact OUPS at least 48 hours prior to work. 

CAD Design

Our CAD team is an integral part of our process. Full-color, utility plan drawings are crafted by our experts who know the local ordinances and governing codes. Quick, accurate turn-around time keeps projects ahead of schedule. 


Precise and accurate surveying and mapping are critical to the success of any project. Utilizing the most advanced tools and technologies available, we provide the reliable data necessary for civil engineering design, construction, oil & gas, real estate development, and municipal infrastructure projects. 


Not all talk is cheap! At SPD Permitting, we believe in clear, concise conversation.  We provide a high level of communication and client service in order to ensure projects remain on or ahead of schedule. 

Looking for a way to track and proactively schedule your projects?  We've got you covered! We create, maintain, and provide detailed reports illustrating various stages of the permit procedure - at no additional cost.

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